Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Genie bra

I tried the Genie Bra www.geniebra.com  (yes I bought into the hype). I was disappointed. And don’t believe the hype about the price on the commercial. You can buy it for the same price at CVS.
This was supposed to be a wonderful bra that supports with no wires and has comfortable straps. I am a buxom girl (36F/36DDD), so I am constantly searching for a good fitting bra. It is normal for me to spend $60+ on an undergarment because I want support for my girls and comfortable straps. The Genie Bra is supposed to be both for only $10 a bra.
Hmmmm, sounds too good to be true.
Well, it is comfortable like a tight fitting t-shirt but did not provide any of the support for me like the touted in the commercial. I even has boobage coming out of the sides and THAT is not a pretty look.
Then I thought to myself that if it was really so good, it probably would not be on a commercial on late night TV. To me, this bra is like a more form fitting sports bra. But I am not going to exercise. So I got a refund for the bra and put that money towards a real heavy duty bra from Peek Intimates in Greenwood SC.
That time, the money was well spent.

If you are already flat chested and like the feel of sports bras, buy the genie bra. It is cheap. But then if you are flat chested, you can probably buy cheap bras anywhere (Dollar General, Kmart, Walmart, etc). Not trying to offend, but you know it is true.

If your chest is bigger than a D cup, don’t waste your time buying this and trying it on. And if you want to ignore my advice and buy it, save the receipt so that it will be easy to get your money back.

This was really a big disappointment for me because I wanted the Genie Bra to work. I was looking forward to it, only to be let down.

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